Ruby `allocate` method

TIL that Ruby, or to be more precise Class class, offers allocate public instance method. According to the documentation the method: Allocates space for a new object of class’s class and does not call initialize on the new instance. The returned object must be an instance of class. The same documentation includes a nice code Read more…


`ActiveSupport::ArrayInquirer` and even more Rails magic

In the previous article, we dived into ActiveSupport::StringInquirer class and superpowers it gives to String objects.  After I had published that article I decided to take another look at the ActiveSupport module and to my surprise, I found something even more interesting, ActiveSupport::ArrayInquirer class.


`ActiveSupport::StringInquirer` magic

Rails magic is a widespread term among developers working with Ruby on Rails application. Is it an overstatement? Well, it depends. 


How to log HTTParty requests

Today I learned that HTTParty gem has a built-in option for enabling logging details of all requests made by the gem.


5 security issues in Ruby on Rails apps from real life

…and how to fix them 🙂


Find out when a file was removed from GitHub repo

I was looking for a file in GitHub repo, but didn’t manage to find it. How to check if a file was in a repository and/or when it was removed?


Updating a single gem at a time

If you have Gemfile file in your repository you know what Bundler is.


EmberJS custom primary key

EmberJS is a framework for creating ambitious web applications. It follows a convention over configuration software development paradigm.


Prevent direct commits to master

I did it again. I pushed my local changes directly into remote master branch, but it was the last time.


Dynamic class method calling in Ruby

Today I was looking for the best way to invoke dynamic class method. After some reading and testing I found a few less and more effective ways.